Welcome to FURNOO!

Founded by Cenk, a master architect and alumni of KU Leuven in Belgium, Furnoo embodies a commitment to excellence in design and functionality. With a passion for creating spaces that harmonize with individuals' unique lifestyles, Cenk leads our team in curating an exquisite collection of decorative items that elevate living and working environments.

At Furnoo, we believe in the inspirational power of décor to shape ambiance and enhance well-being. Our meticulously selected products not only reflect unparalleled elegance but also embrace sustainability through environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

Driven by our dedication to exceptional customer service, our team is here to assist you in finding the perfect décor piece that resonates with your style and enhances your living experience.

Thank you for choosing Furnoo to elevate your spaces.

Warm regards,
The Furnoo Team

FURNOO, a subsidiary of SCY GLOBAL VENTURES LTD, Company Number 15370486, operating from 284 Chase Road, A Block, Unit 725, 2nd Floor, London, United Kingdom, N14 6HF.

For any inquiries, you can reach us via email at



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